Dr. Jaspreet Rayat shared his thoughts on telemedicine in the age of COVID at Digital Davos 2022

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Dr. Jaspreet Rayat participates in Digital Davos 2022


Dr. Jaspreet Rayat, an eye surgeon in Waterloo, Canada and a co-founder of EyeStart, a medtech incubator start-up, shared his thoughts on telemedicine in the age of COVID at a Digital Davos 2022 panel on January 18, 2022. Dr. Rayat joined the panel with Steve Papermaster, Daniel Ferrara, and Mark Turrell, all noted experts in the space.

Dr. Rayat offered a unique outlook on the advantages and disadvantages of telehealth, the role of artificial intelligence in medical decision-making, and the burgeoning medtech companies that are thriving in the accelerated COVID environment. He also touched upon the concerns with the medico-legal aspects of technology as it permeates through all aspects of healthcare. “Digital Davos 2022 provided a great forum to discuss relevant health matters to like-minded entrepreneurs.

It was incredible to see the work being done to push the envelope of telemedicine over the last two years,” said Dr. Rayat. "I’m looking forward to the future as healthcare takes a central role in our daily lives”.


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